6 months old

Jacob's 6 Month Session

I photographed Jacob when he was a newborn in his home, and for his half-birthday, it seemed appropriate to do something really quick and easy in my Greenwich, Connecticut Studio.

The whole photoshoot was a lot more like my in-home family sessions. I wanted the ability to move around, so I mounted my off-camera flash to my camera and used the same techniques I do when I visit families in their home. The advantage of the studio, of course, is that you can have uncluttered backgrounds and light-colored, simple settings without the need of tidying your home or having the clean up afterwards. It's really incredibly convenient to just show up, have the photographer take a few pictures of your growing baby, and leave knowing you will get a beautiful result that perfectly shows off those chubby cheeks, unruly hair, and baby toes.

I often get questions about the best age to photograph a growing baby. The newborn and 1-year stage seem to be the most important. But why not document that halfway point too? That sweet, amazing time when your baby can sit and observe, quietly. Before he starts walking, and then very quickly running, away. When he is still very much a baby, but coming into his own, with a personality and strong intentions that are so clearly seen on his face. This is such a wonderful time in Jacob's life, and I am overjoyed that we got to capture it so perfectly.