This generation of babies is one of the most photographed. However, 99.9% of those photographs are digital. Digital and taken with a phone. And don't get me wrong, phones allow us the privilege of being able to easily capture every important moment in our children's lives and I wouldn't give that up for the world.

But we're missing something.

We are missing photographs that will still be around twenty or thirty years from now (when I assume we'll have hologram communication devices and retina-embedded computers). We don't have good quality photos - the kind that are worth framing and displaying on our walls because they're so beautiful. And then, we keep all our precious photographic memories on prone-to-failure hard drives and USB keys that we won't be able to plug into our laptops in about ten years. And the cloud? Who knows how long that company is going to be in business and supporting the storage of your photos on their servers? Not to mention the fact that almost everything online is in danger of getting hacked at any moment. 

There is only one completely fool-proof, totally safe, and always available way to keep your photos.. and that's in printed form.

And I know.. trust me, I know how self-serving this all sounds. But that's not my intention. In fact, my goal isn't to convince people that they need to hire me to take their photos, I would love nothing more than for every Mom and Dad to be armed with a proper camera and the knowledge of how to use it. But not everyone has the time for that. What's important is for parents to realize that they need to invest in making sure their children's childhood memories survive, so that photographs will be there when their child is old enough to want (or dare I say, need) them.