The No-Risk Photo Session

Hiring a professional photographer can be scary. It's usually a fairly large expenditure. It requires time to prepare and a couple precious weekend hours to execute. It can be stressful too, because you never really know how the photographs will turn out.

But what if you could have a no-risk photo session?

A photography experience where if something doesn't go according to plan.. if we don't get portraits you're happy with.. you lose nothing.

That is exactly what my business policies try to achieve. Below are some common concerns that could be on your mind if you're thinking about working with a professional photographer..


What if I change my mind?

Sometimes we make decisions based on what we think the future will look like. I've had clients that suddenly faced an unexpected expense and needed to re-evaluate their commitments. Nobody can predict the future. All we can do is adjust our plan to better fit our priorities. And all you have to do in that situation is let me know. Since the session fee is collected via a credit card payment, you can easily get a full refund at any point. 


What if my child gets sick at the last minute?

We all have to be flexible, especially during those long winters in Connecticut when kids get sick and snowstorms seemingly come out of nowhere! That is why rescheduling is never an issue. You can let me know as late as the morning of the session. It's simply not a big deal. We will take a look at our calendars and figure out the next best date for everyone. And no, it's not going to cost you a rescheduling fee.


What if the session goes terribly wrong?

While this hasn't yet happened, being prepared for just about anything is always a good idea. One of the biggest reasons a Satisfaction Guarantee is part of my Studio policy is because parents tend to get stressed out when it comes to a portrait session with their children. What is the kids don't behave? What if they don't sit.. or smile. What if they cry? While I am prepared to do everything in my power to make sure things go well, I will also offer a re-shoot on a different date if things are simply not working out. 


What if I don't like the photos?

Often, if the session doesn't go all that well, we are still able to get beautiful portraits. But hey, it's not my opinion that counts, it's yours! So when you see the final images, if for any reason you don't like any of them, we can decide on the next step of either trying again or simply going with a full refund. This is also once of those things that has never happened, but you know you'll have options in case it does!


What if I like more photos than I can afford?

Yes, sometimes the opposite of not getting any good photos can be a concern! And there are options in that case, as well. You can do an interest-free payment plan, or purchase a few portraits now and the rest later. I work with each client individually to figure out the best solution for them. Most of all, there is never any pressure to spend more. No sales tactics, ever. My job is to make sure you're happy with the experience, period.


So what do you think? Do you have any questions? Anything you think I can do to make this whole process less scary? Leave a comment below or email me your thoughts, - I would love to hear from you!