5 Advantages of a Studio Headshot

There are a few choices when it comes to headshots. You can take professional portraits outdoors, in a Studio, or in your office/home setting. On the other hand, some people will use one of their personal decent-looking snapshots as their headshot online instead. But there are a few very important advantages in investing in a professional portrait, specifically one that’s done in a Studio setting.

Image of a Businessman’s headshot. Business headshot by N. Lalor Photography. Studio in Greenwich, Connecticut.

1. A clean, professional look

The #1 reason to get a Studio headshot is because you really can’t get that look any other way. A clean, non-distracting background like white or gray will go with everything and looks right at home up on LinkedIn or Facebook. It shows that you care enough to invest real money into appearing professional online, which will set you apart from all the home-made headshots out there.

2. Convenience

A Studio is open and available when it’s convenient for you. There’s no waiting for the best light, rescheduling because of rain, or worrying about wind and bugs. My Studio, in particular, has free on-site parking, which isn’t the most common in Greenwich. Plus, you can grab a complimentary drink out of the mini-fridge or take a breather on the couch if you need to. I make it a point to never book clients on top of each other, so you always have as much time as you need, and are never being watched by someone else who’s waiting for their turn.

3. Perfect, flattering lighting

A photography Studio comes with full control over lighting. Pick a photographer who can create a flattering look using artificial lighting and you’re good to go. Often with headshots outside you’re hunting for good light, moving to avoid harsh sunlight, or waiting for a certain time of day, which is why I personally moved to Studio work instead of outdoor. Getting a consistent result is important, especially when you’re hiring a photographer to create images for you.

4. Sitting & Posing props

It’s much easier to take a portrait when you’re sitting than if you’re standing up (for one, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable). And convenient posing props are essential to a good sitting pose. Being able to put people into specific positions to compliment their body shape often requires putting a leg up on an apple box, sitting a certain way, and being relaxed. Not only do you need a photographer who can tell you exactly what to do, but you also need one that has the necessary furniture pieces in their Studio for the work.

Image of professional woman headshot with warm smile to show personality. Business headshot by N. Lalor Photography. Studio in Greenwich, Connecticut.

5. Multiple wardrobe changes

Maximizing your time with a photographer means being able to fit in multiple outfits into a short period of time.. and my Studio has a little changing area just for that. Not only that, but there’s also a full clothing rack to hold your clothes on hangers, and personalized styling is included at the start of your session. You can bring various options for jewelry and accessories (men can wear a watch, ties, and a pocket square) to bring color and interest to your portrait and lay everything out on a table right in the Studio.

Image of bright smile woman headshot. Business Casual headshot by N. Lalor Photography. Studio in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Even within the category of Studio headshots, there is a wide range of photographers. You can get a headshot for almost nothing, or you can pay several thousand dollars for one image. The difference is, of course, the quality of the resulting portrait and the amount of service you receive. If a photographer is just starting out in photography, spends 5 minutes with you, gives no direction, and literally emails you the file straight from the camera, they will be priced accordingly. On the other hand, the photographer who’s had years of experience, knows how to give posing direction, spends time making sure you look your best in terms with what you’re wearing, and then expertly retouches your headshots… will be expensive.

It’s really up to you to decide what kind of investment you want to make, and what services would be best suited for your needs. And if you’re in the market for a new headshot, you can learn all about my headshot sessions here: https://nlalorphotography.com/headshots/.