Pregnancy is amazing! And some women, while pregnant, feel like it's the most beautiful time in their life. But as the mom-to-be gets closer to the end of this wondrous process, she usually begins to feel the downsides of pregnancy. And when you're having twins, like Abbey, you tend to get there a little quicker than most.

But Abbey is still beautiful (quite gorgeous, in fact), even if she doesn't exactly feel like it during these last few weeks of her pregnancy (she was 37 weeks along when we had the photo session). As the photographer, it's my job to make sure I capture how others see her, and not necessary how she might be feeling at the moment. Being pregnant isn't easy (I know, I've done it twice), but it's something that needs to be documented and preserved, hopefully in the most lovely way possible. Because when Abby's babies grow up, they will want to know about the time they were in their mommy's belly. It's literally 9 months of Abbey's life, but it's an experience she will remember and cherish forever.

And a little side note, Abbey is the Founder and Director of an amazing learning studio for kids in Rye, New York. If you have young children and want the best in kindergarten and preschool prep, take a look at Learn'ique. It's such an impressive program for little ones.