Luca and Greyson

When you get a beautiful family in the Studio, things tend to go pretty smoothly. But that doesn't mean that a little bit of help doesn't go a long way! For sessions like these, with little kids (especially when there are two), I have my assistant, Jesse, help out.

And Jesse is wonderful with kids. She babysits and has this natural way with children and babies. In fact, Greyson (who isn't fond of strangers) was quite happy to be held in her arms when I photographed Mom and Dad with his older brother. Jesse hands me things that are out of reach, entertains older kids, and most of all, makes sure all children and babies are safe in the Studio.

She hovers by the side of the bed when a crawling baby starts exploring the space or when his big brother wants to give jumping a try. This allows the parents to get dressed, change a child, or do makeup touch ups as I photograph their baby. Having Jesse around makes everything easier! And I am so thankful to have her.

It's easy to think that entrepreneurs and small-business owners work on their own, in a vacuum. That success is the result of one person's hard work or luck and circumstance. But in reality, it's the help we receive from others that makes things possible. It's the connections we make and the dedication to listening, learning, and growing that makes all the difference. 

I'm so thankful to have Jesse as an assistant (which improves the session experience), to work with some amazing local businesses (which supports the community and helps them grow), and to source all of my print products from US companies (beautifully hand-made products that are the highest quality). A photograph is just a small part of all of this. There is an incredible amount of work and thought that goes into every part of my business, and literally a "village" that makes it all happen.