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How to Prepare for your Baby's Milestone Session

How to Prepare for your Baby's Milestone Session

Milestone Sessions are incredibly easy limited-edition photo sessions just for babies and children who are three months and older. But even with an easy session experience, putting a little bit of time in preparation goes a long way…..

Charlotte, Alex, and Hudson

Charlotte, Alex, and Hudson

There is something really special about families who have three children. I guess it's never dull or all that quiet, but the thing that really strikes me is the relationship between the kids themselves. They tend to get along and play together. They're a band, with options.. because if one sibling isn't up for something, there's always another option.

Maggie & Evie

Maggie & Evie

I have a feeling that when people think of Studio photography, they think that kids need to sit still and be perfectly behaved in order for us to capture any images worth keeping. Well, I am here to tell you that when kids run around, don't listen, and generally act a little crazypants, we get some of the best photographs. It's true. And it's also 100% accurate to say that expecting kids to sit still at this very young age is both unrealistic and a little crazy to begin with, which is why I certainly don't do it.

Luca and Greyson

When you get a beautiful family in the Studio, things tend to go pretty smoothly. But that doesn't mean that a little bit of help doesn't go a long way! For sessions like these, with little kids (especially when there are two), I have my assistant, Jesse, help out.

And Jesse is wonderful with kids. She babysits and has this natural way with children and babies. In fact, Greyson (who isn't fond of strangers) was quite happy to be held in her arms when I photographed Mom and Dad with his older brother. Jesse hands me things that are out of reach, entertains older kids, and most of all, makes sure all children and babies are safe in the Studio.

She hovers by the side of the bed when a crawling baby starts exploring the space or when his big brother wants to give jumping a try. This allows the parents to get dressed, change a child, or do makeup touch ups as I photograph their baby. Having Jesse around makes everything easier! And I am so thankful to have her.

It's easy to think that entrepreneurs and small-business owners work on their own, in a vacuum. That success is the result of one person's hard work or luck and circumstance. But in reality, it's the help we receive from others that makes things possible. It's the connections we make and the dedication to listening, learning, and growing that makes all the difference. 

I'm so thankful to have Jesse as an assistant (which improves the session experience), to work with some amazing local businesses (which supports the community and helps them grow), and to source all of my print products from US companies (beautifully hand-made products that are the highest quality). A photograph is just a small part of all of this. There is an incredible amount of work and thought that goes into every part of my business, and literally a "village" that makes it all happen.

Henley and Brighton

What happens if, on the day of the photo session, your child is not really behaving like herself? What if she's moody and sensitive and wants nothing to do with being photographed?

Well, I still try to get good photos anyway.. and very often, it all works out just fine. Not having a time limit for my Studio sessions helps with that. We can usually wait it out, let her calm down and get used to the new surroundings. But hey, sometimes, everything fails, nothing works, and the child is having none of it.

And you know what? That's totally fine.

Because I have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for every session. So if everything goes wrong and we can't get any good shots, you will get a full refund or a complimentary reshoot.

Because kids are unpredictable and because it's more important to me that they enjoy the experience (that their smiles are real) then to force them to look at the camera. I also don't want parents to worry. So it's okay if your kids is all of a sudden not behaving, or has developed an incredible shyness, or is starting to develop signs of an oncoming sickness. It's my job to work with each and every child, based on their needs and mood. And hey, if it doesn't work out, you're totally covered.

And for the sake of full disclosure, Henley (who is 3 years old) and pictured below with her younger sister Brighton (1 year old), was having an off day during the photo session. But we had moments of calm, happy times which translated into some great photos!

Mia's Family Session

Mia actually spent most of our time together practicing her walking steps. She was, in fact, about a week away from starting to walk independently. But aside from getting my fill of baby cuddles (which I definitely appreciate), we got some great shots of Mia and her family.

And the Studio is so perfect for a super-easy family session with a 1-year old! Mia had fun playing with all the little toys I have in my special 'Studio toy basket', Dad enjoyed relaxing on the couch when he wasn't needed in front of the camera, and Mom got a chance to finish up her makeup as I photographed her little girl. Seriously, these things CAN be fun!

And I completely adore the images we captured! I know how important these photographs will be for Mia when she grows up. And how thankful she will be to have them.

Jacob's 6 Month Session

I photographed Jacob when he was a newborn in his home, and for his half-birthday, it seemed appropriate to do something really quick and easy in my Greenwich, Connecticut Studio.

The whole photoshoot was a lot more like my in-home family sessions. I wanted the ability to move around, so I mounted my off-camera flash to my camera and used the same techniques I do when I visit families in their home. The advantage of the studio, of course, is that you can have uncluttered backgrounds and light-colored, simple settings without the need of tidying your home or having the clean up afterwards. It's really incredibly convenient to just show up, have the photographer take a few pictures of your growing baby, and leave knowing you will get a beautiful result that perfectly shows off those chubby cheeks, unruly hair, and baby toes.

I often get questions about the best age to photograph a growing baby. The newborn and 1-year stage seem to be the most important. But why not document that halfway point too? That sweet, amazing time when your baby can sit and observe, quietly. Before he starts walking, and then very quickly running, away. When he is still very much a baby, but coming into his own, with a personality and strong intentions that are so clearly seen on his face. This is such a wonderful time in Jacob's life, and I am overjoyed that we got to capture it so perfectly.