Celebrating Moms

As a photographer, I meet Moms who are celebrating new milestones, all the time. They are having their first baby, starting a new chapter in their career, making the decision to stay home with their kids, celebrating a new decade, their marriage anniversary, or their children's Birthdays. It's amazing how fast time flies by. And often, we don't pause to truly celebrate those milestones.

With Mother's Day coming up, it's the perfect time to talk about some of the benefits of having a portrait session as a way to do just that!

Top 10 reasons why a photoshoot is the best way to celebrate Moms:

  1. It's the kind of gift (whether you're giving it to yourself or it's a gift from an amazingly thoughtful spouse) that never loses value or goes out of style. And the best part is two-fold.. you get to enjoy the photoshoot experience AND the photographs afterwards.
  2. It's a great opportunity to get dressed up. That fancy dress you have hanging in your closet? That one would be perfect to bring! And it doesn't actually need to zip up either, because nobody sees the back in a photo.
  3. Hair and makeup! Whether you'd like a professional hair and makeup artist on-site for your photo session, or are simply getting your hair styled (which is included) and doing your own makeup.. it's kind of like getting ready for a wedding. You'll look beautiful, which is always fun in it's own right!
  4. When was the last time you did something just for you?
  5. We can photograph the whole family, too. The only difference is that the family members who don't really enjoy the process (like the husband, or the 3-yr old) will join towards the end. We get to take our time when we like and get everything done really quickly when we need to. It's a win win for everyone!
  6. Seeing gorgeous photos of yourself increases self confidence. We all have insecurities. And sometimes we need a little boost to know we are still beautiful.
  7. Photoshop often gets a bad rap, but when used in moderation, it's a wonderful tool to mitigate under-eye circles, tone down skin imperfections, and correct the distortions that the camera creates (did you know that whatever is closes to the camera looks bigger in the picture?). Retouching is one of the biggest benefits of a professional photoshoot and we can use as much or as little of it as you like.
  8. Have a special Mother & Daughter session! If your daughter is 6+ years old, she's at that age where she will enjoy dressing up and being photographed too. Not only will it be amazing to share this experience with her, but you'll have some truly special images in the end.
  9. The result of every session is tangible museum-quality prints. You can frame them or easily display them using the included photo stand (as in, no extra work required). You'll get your images right away at your Ordering Appointment too, which means less waiting and more enjoying your photographs.
  10. You'll also get the high resolution digital version with every print you purchase.. so you can go ahead and post them on Facebook, make books, calendars, or print as many copies as you like. It's kind of like a gift that keeps on giving, but in a good way! 

If you're interested in booking a portrait photoshoot or a Mother & Daughter session, you can email me at info@nlalorphotography.com to get more info and start the booking process. Don't worry, I make sure to go over all the details so you know exactly what to expect.