Millie & Family

Being a good photographer has nothing to do with the camera you use.

Granted, you have to know how to use your camera (that's a given, I would hope!).. but if that was the only factor, we would see a lot more capable photographers out there. Most people think, you go out, buy a fancy expensive camera, and viola! you can take professional-quality photos. Well, yes and no. Because having that camera is step 1 of the many many steps on the road to producing professional-quality photographs.

And so, I fully realize that parents don't always know that I'm doing anything different from everyone else who has a fancy camera.

And when it comes to photographing families with a 6-month old baby, it's literally impossible to give any elaborate posing direction to the parents. You're not doing anything special. And you know from experience, that most photos people take of you don't end up all that flattering. So when Millie's Mom mentioned to me that she really wasn't sure whether the session went well or not, whether she would end up liking any of her photos, I knew exactly what she meant.

My photo session process really doesn't seem any different from what other photographers do. But it is, because the results do show a difference. The distinction, however, is entirely internal. It's knowing when to press the shutter, cultivating a comfortable and safe environment, knowing where to position the camera and the family for best angles, and the editing/developing of the images (which includes full magazine-quality Photoshop retouching).

No two people will every take the same photograph, even if they're using the same camera and standing right next to each other.

And I know that even though my images look effortless and natural and like they just happened, almost by accident, there is nothing accidental about any of them. And really, that is the difference.