One of the most important factors to looking good on camera is being able to feel comfortable when someone is taking your photograph.

Now, that is certainly easier said than done, because I know firsthand the terror and anxiety that comes with someone pointing a camera in my direction. And when you're a tween girl, or a Mom to a tween girl, you probably hear all sorts of things about photographers, modeling, and the uncomfortable situations that might result. I certainly get surprised when I hear some of the questions parents ask, because I come from a background of photographing families, babies, and kids.

And I think it's important to reassure young girls that being photographed by a professional photographer, whether they would like to get into modeling or are looking to celebrate their journey of becoming a teen, isn't going to be scary. It's not going to be intimidating (I make a point of being very gentle when I give posing direction) and they won't have to wear anything crazy (in fact, I encourage all kids to bring their favorite outfits). The whole point of a photoshoot is to commemorate a moment in their lives, what they look like, what they like to do, and what they like to wear.

It's my job to make sure they look good.

And that starts, always, with making them feel comfortable.