Molly & Morgan

Every time I think about the families I photograph, I get this amazing feeling of warmth and gratitude. I am so thankful to have this job and to be able to work with some of the BEST families in Fairfield County. And that doesn't mean that all the kids I have in the Studio are super well-behaved. And it doesn't mean that all sessions go exactly as planned with nothing ever going wrong. All of those things happen, ALL the time.

Morgan, for instance, is right at that stage where she is impossible to photograph. It has nothing to do with Morgan as a person, her parents, her sister, the star alignment that day, or anything anyone can control. She is simply 18 months old. Toddlers that age are really tough for any photographer (which includes Mom and Dad, btw). But that doesn't mean you shouldn't have any photos of your kids when they are that age. It only means that the expectation of a happy smiling toddler sitting calmly in front of the camera should be chucked out the window, because it's probably not going to happen.

During my photo sessions, I usually don't look at the back of my camera (I actually have the photo previews turned off completely). This allows me to focus entirely on interacting with the family I'm working with. I want to get to know them, not spend the entire time looking at the photos I'm taking. So when we have a challenging toddler, I can't honestly say to the parents "Yes, we got lots of great photos." Because truly, I have no idea.

But miraculously, we always get good shots. Which, once again, fills me with incredible gratitude.

I am grateful for the knowledge that is in my head, my equipment that never fails me, and of course Mom and Dad for having the patience to work alongside me as we try to appease their 18 month old. The parents are the real heroes, always. And often the older siblings as well.

And I am so thankful to ALL of them.