Natasha's Mother & Daughter Session

A Mother & Daughter photoshoot is perfect for kids who are growing up (and aren't being photographed as much) and for Moms who want to celebrate their beauty and confidence. It's all about the girls, and the woman who spends every day taking care of them!

As parents, we don't get the chance to dress up all that often. Our daily routines tend to swallow up our time. We spend our days taking care of others, forgetting to celebrate all the things we've accomplished. And as time passes, we realize that we simply don't have photographs with our children that we truly love. Our children, in turn, will look for these types of images when they're older, too.

But hey, as much as we do absolutely EVERYTHING for our kids, we should also treat ourselves once in a while! 

And these sessions are a bit more relaxed than you would think (kinda like a spa day). We can take our time getting ready (and arrange an on-site hair and makeup artist just for you). Since the kids are a little older for these sessions (ideal age is 6+), we can focus on creating truly beautiful images in a calm setting. While family sessions are all about the little ones, I love that these Mother & Daughter photoshoots are a lot more about Mom.

And really why not? At this stage in our lives, as the kids start Elementary School or are maybe transitions into Middle School or even High School, we start getting our life back. We are reaching our 30's, 40's, and 50's. And we are looking at ourselves in a whole new light. As strong, confident women, but also as role models.. who our children look to every day.

This is the best time to celebrate ourselves and our children. To take a day and dedicate it to the one thing that gets forgotten about most of all - true, legacy worthy photographs. The kind that we have of our parents but in the age of iPhones and digital files will most likely end up not having for our kids. So dedicate a day to looking beautiful. Spend quality time with your daughter. Take a few hours to be photographed. And make sure you have frame-worthy images from this slightly crazy, busy, but definitely magnificent time in your life!