A photoshoot isn't entirely about the photographs that are captured. The experience of being photographed is actually a huge part of it. It's something I want the kids I work with to remember. I want them to not only enjoy our time together, but also get a sense of what it's like to be pampered, looked after, and feel a bit like a celebrity.

And it all starts with the hair styling.

Hair styling might seem like a trivial thing, especially for kids, who probably have pretty cute hair to begin with.. but it makes some of the biggest difference I've seen in photos by far. It's that extra bit of polish, and the ability to put in loose curls or waves, which provides movement and shine. But there's something else too. The feeling of getting ready. Of being taken care of. And of enhancing the beauty that's already there.

And it's important, when working with a 9-year old, that the photographs reflect who they are, too. So they get to wear their favorite clothes. They get to jump, and spin, and try on literally all the different pairs of glasses they own. And they get to have FUN. Because enjoying the experience of being in a photography Studio is something they will remember, too.