It's easy to figure WHY you would want photos of your newborn baby. These first few weeks of a baby's life are so completely and utterly new. You want to make sure to remember them, through the haze of doctor's appointments and all-night feedings. And often the iPhone photos don't really come close to capturing how you see your baby during that time. Not only that, but Mom and Dad somehow never make it into those photos (or, if they do, they look exhausted, which by the way, they are).

The truth is, Moms don't really feel very glamorous after giving birth. I know I didn't. But there's nothing more important than existing in these images. There are no two people more important in your baby's life than the parents.

And there is no better photograph than adoring parents holding their newborn baby in their arms.

And most importantly, I like to make sure that parents look good. I give them all the information they need to get ready. I style what they wear to not only reflect who they are, but to create images that won't look outdated in ten or twenty years. Each final photographs is fully retouched in Photoshop (because nobody needs to remember the under-eye circles). I provide gentle posing guidance. And most of all, I create a safe space so parents feel comfortable in front of the camera.

And I understand that not everyone will see the value in hiring a professional photographer for a newborn photo session. And that's okay. But if you're thinking of doing so... do your research, go with someone whose work you love, and most of all, make sure you're in those photographs too.