I photographed Emma last year. She was just about to move to Washington DC and join a ballet dance company for a year of learning and dancing. We created dance portraits for her that showcased her graceful movements but also focused on her as a person first (because, let's face it, most photographers just focus on the dancing).

Now, Emma is back in the area and is looking to get into modeling as she lives and works in NYC. As she starts her career, she needs to build up her portfolio of photographs.. which is where I come in.

We knew that we needed to create several different looks for Emma. Which means, having a really amazing hair & makeup artist is really important! And when it comes to beautification, Kelsey from Haus of Pretty is the best. I love working with her on so many levels, but the best part is the creative collaboration that happens. Kelsey is able to bring her expertise to the photoshoot to really elevate each look. She doesn't just do a great job, she goes far beyond that for every woman she works with.

And then there are the dresses.

Not every client I have in the Studio has beautiful outfits to work with. Emma, being at the very starting stages of her adulthood (and having spent most of her life being a ballet dancer) needed some help with the wardrobe. We arranged a private fitting for her at Bella Bridesmaids in Westport and were able to rent some truly incredible dresses for the photoshoot. And I mean seriously gorgeous dresses (I pass Bella Bridesmaids all the time as I drive around Westport and can't help but swoon at the pretty things they have in the window)!

But most of all, Emma is an incredible person, inside and out. She deserves all the success in the world. And I am so grateful to be able to capture these photographs for her.. and for the amazing set of women who helped me make it happen.

Hair & Makeup by Haus of Pretty | Wardrobe provided by Bella Bridesmaids in Westport